Guide To Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturers 

Guide To Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturers 

At Clearvolt, we exclusively employ what are known as tier 1 solar panels. It’s essential to clarify that ‘tier 1 solar panel’ is somewhat of a misnomer. The term more accurately refers to the manufacturers, not the panels themselves, and should be termed ‘tier 1 solar panel manufacturers’.

Identifying Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturers

Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers are those highlighted in the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report. This report is targeted towards banks and financial institutions looking to invest in solar energy projects, rather than direct consumers. Its purpose is to aid investors in evaluating the quality of solar equipment in their investment projects. When conducting due diligence for a property or development project involving solar energy, the manufacturer of the solar equipment is a crucial factor, as outlined in the report.

Although designed for investors, this tier system is a useful tool to gauge the quality of the manufacturers and their products. To be classified as a tier 1 manufacturer, a company must produce its own solar panels, encompassing all the components like silicon, frames, and electronics. They must have a minimum of five years of experience in manufacturing with a consistent history of quality. The panels must be constructed from the highest quality materials, using automated manufacturing processes to guarantee quality. Additionally, a strong commitment to the research and development of their products is essential.

Bloomberg’s Additional Criteria for Tier 1 Manufacturers

Bloomberg also considers factors that may not directly impact consumers. These include backing from six or more investors for projects larger than 1.5MWp, publicly traded companies, comprehensive vertical integration in areas like R&D, and substantial marketing efforts.

The Broader Spectrum of Solar Panel Manufacturing

The solar panel manufacturing industry also features tier 2 and tier 3 manufacturers. Tier 2 manufacturers typically use less automation in their manufacturing processes and may use materials of slightly lower quality compared to tier 1, yet still deliver efficient performance. 

Tier 3 manufacturers usually assemble panels using components sourced from other companies. They rely more on manual production processes and invest less in R&D.

Our commitment to using only tier 1 solar panels ensures the highest quality and efficiency for your businesses. This choice reflects our dedication to providing sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions, while simultaneously supporting businesses in achieving their environmental and energy efficiency goals.