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Explore the benefits of Clearvolt

Zero CapEx

No capital expenditure required from the  tenant/landlord for the surveying, planning, equipment, installation and maintenance of the solar array.


Using photovoltaic (PV) infrastructure/solar panels or a wind turbine on the clients land, the team can deliver significant energy savings, up to 50%, compared to fossil energy.

Revenue Stream

Revenue opportunities can be created/delivered over the term of the agreement, normally 25 years.


In-depth knowledge of every stage of the project life cycle ensuring high levels of deliverability.

EPC Rating

Solar energy installation can help commercial property tenants/landlords improve their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings.

Market Value

Adoption of solar energy technology enhances the market value and appeal of commercial properties.


Integration of solar power reduces carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels, aligning with ESG and CSR goals.

If we produce more of our own electricity, businesses will be much better protected from energy price spikes caused by volatile international fossil fuel markets.

For green energy to be adopted as a viable alternative to burning fossil fuels, it has to be accessible and affordable. Clearvolt can help wherever you are in the UK.

The Process

Objectives and impact discussion

We engage in a no-obligation discussion to understand your goals and the potential impact
of our zero CapEx solar energy solutions.


Premises survey for power
generation potential

Our experts conduct a comprehensive survey of your premises to assess its sustainability and determine the potential for power generation.


Agreement for energy supply
and consumption

Once the assessment is complete, we sign an agreement outlining the terms for the supply and consumption of carbon-free solar energy.


Applying for required permissions

Clearvolt will handle all of the planning & DNO applications.


The scheme is built and installed

The array is constructed and installed in an efficient manner by industry experts.


The supply of carbon free energy begins

You are now a part of the net-zero by 2050 movement whilst saving significant amounts of money on your energy bill.


Solar energy in a nutshell...


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