How You Can Create A Secondary Income As A Commercial Property Landlord Using Clearvolt…

How You Can Create A Secondary Income As A Commercial Property Landlord Using Clearvolt…

In today’s evolving energy landscape, businesses are constantly looking for innovative strategies to maximise their revenue streams and sustainability efforts. One of the most exciting opportunities in this regard lies in solar energy. For commercial property owners, buying solar energy from Clearvolt and selling it to their tenants with a slight margin can open up an effective secondary income stream, while promoting green energy consumption.

Our technology allows businesses to harness the power of the sun, convert it into electricity, and distribute it across their properties with ZERO UPFRONT COST for the planning, purchasing, installation and maintenance of the solar arrays.

The proposition is simple. By purchasing solar energy from Clearvolt, commercial property owners can sell it to their tenants. The price charged to the tenants can be a little more than what owners pay Clearvolt, but still competitive compared to traditional utility providers e.g. National Grid. This creates a win-win scenario where the property owners gain a secondary income stream and tenants receive sustainable energy at a competitive price.

A report by the Carbon Trust suggests that up to 40% of a commercial building’s electricity demand can be supplied by onsite solar PV [1]. This highlights the vast potential for commercial property owners to monetise their investment in solar energy.

Moreover, promoting the use of solar energy aligns with the increasing demand for green buildings in the commercial sector. According to a study by JLL, 60% of corporate real estate executives agree that sustainability is a key factor in their choice of space [2]. Thus, supplying solar energy not only opens up an income stream but also increases the desirability of the property, potentially leading to higher rental yields and occupancy rates.

To conclude, monetising solar energy bought from providers like Clearvolt presents a promising opportunity for commercial property owners. It promotes sustainable energy consumption, generates a valuable secondary income, and contributes to the property’s overall appeal.


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