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Renewable energy is now the cheapest source of power across two-thirds of the globe.

If the UK is to achieve it’s target of net zero by 2050 we must provide businesses cost-effective, reliable sources of green energy.

This is where Clearvolt can help.



More than £1.3 trillion worldwide is expected to be invested in technologies such as wind, solar power, electric vehicles and batteries globally, compared to with just over $784 billion in fossil fuels. That is by far the most ever spent on clean energy in a year.

Source: International Energy Agency, 2023

The science could not be clearer: by the middle of this century, the world has to reduce emissions to as close to zero as possible, with the small amount of remaining emissions absorbed through natural carbon sinks like forests, and new technologies like carbon capture. If we can achieve this, global emissions of greenhouse gases will be ‘net zero’. Delivering this requires urgent global action, including ending coal-fired power generation.

Source: HM Government -
Net Zero Strategy, October 2021

Today, solar and wind power are the least expensive new sources of electricity in many markets, generating 12% of global electricity and rising. This year, for the first time, global investors are expected to pour more money into solar power – some £298 billion – than into drilling for oil.

Source: Ember -
Global Power Sector Report 2023

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